Step 1→ After washing your hair , Spray the anti dandruff spray  on the scalp , gently massage your scalp with finger for better absorption.

Step 2→ Dry your hair completely. 

Step 3→ Massage the scalp with massage comb for 1-2 minutes.



Spray ADSpray on your dandruff or reddish part of scalp, it can helps to reduce dandruff problem and anti-bacterial.

Kindly use it day and night everyday for  better results.

Due to the peppermint ingredient of it, you will be refreshed by the cooling sensation it brings.

Whenever you feel uncomfortable especially when your scalp is exposed to the sun for a long time, you may use it to let your scalp have a "deep breath" and "REFRESH" ~

⭐If you are using the ADSpray together with Melix Apple Stemcell Tonic, the step will be:
Tonic > Massage > ADSpray > Massage



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