Hydration💧 is so important for my dry skin
I'm so happy that I've found this 72 Intensive Hydrating Moisturizer from @melix_malaysia 



I've been using it for several weeks and so happy with how it works for my skin😍
It combines the function of moisturizer + toner + essence so it keeps my skincare routine simple and easy with only 1 step!
It helps to :
~ Moisturizing
~ Brightening
~ Soothing
my skin☺️💖 



Highly Re-hydrated, easy to absorb and not greasy at all
Infused with multiple natural ingredients, 
it's #DermatologyTested and safe for sensitive skin and pregnant mom to use💖👌 



It makes my skin even more glowing without make up😍💖



Check it out at: https://bit.ly/3kxlepL
Contact @melix_malaysia for more info: m.me/melixmalaysia .



Original post taken from Christina IG posting ~ ~> https://bit.ly/3et1Qqj 

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