Hi internet!
It's been awhile since the last time you met me here =D
I am concentrating in building my Instagram page and I seems neglected my blog! XDD
Why am I blogging this round? 
Because I had too much to say and show to you girls
about a product I tried lately and it is a  REAL DEAL!

Franking speaking, the first time when I received this product I did not really
have high expectation on it. I think it might be ordinary hair care shampoo.
About the packaging: It seems quite simple and not fancy as compared to
the other brands at this range. =P
But packaging is just secondary consideration. 
Maybe as age catching up (opps), 
I learned to study more on the ingredients or each product that I am using.
Most importantly, how it works on my hair. 
The answer is SUPERB!
It totally a GAME CHANGER, usually I only can get such 
great bouncy silky smooth hair after visiting the salon. 
But now, 
Let the photos of before and after do the talking, as I am impressed about it too.
Some of you might ask, how long to get such effect?
What? 1 wash?
But I do believe that results might be vary, depending on your current hair condition.
My hair condition before wash, not that bad just not silky smooth enough.
Gonna show you my easy steps for SUPERB results.
STEP 2: SHAMPOOINGUse Spring Shower Shampoo that suitable for fragile hair, dry and sensitive scalp!
It helps to Stregthen, Moisturize and Revitalize my hair!
The ingredients makes me feel safe as it is
Silicone free, mineral oil free, free of heavy metals, No artificial coloring and Paraben free!
Texture: Transparent Gel base
Lather it with some water.
As you can see the foam is less for the first wash as it 
cleanse the dirt and oil that stuck on my hair and scalp.
SECOND WASHThe foam is rich for a deep cleansing of your hair & Scalp! 
You might be surprised why do we need to wash our hair twice at the same time?
When you wash your hair twice, the first round gets rid of the superficial gunk, 
while the second actually cleans it.
After the 2 washes, followed with Autumn Shower Conditioner 
that suitable for sensitive, coloring and perming hair. 
The ingredients makes me feel safe because it is
Silicone Free, Mineral Oil Free, Free of Heavy Metals, No Artificial Coloring and Paraben free!
It also had a very nice relaxing scent.
Texture: White Creamy Base
Leave in for 2 minutes before rinsing.
It's safe even apply at the root of your hair. 
Most conditioner need to avoid the scalp, but not Melix. =D
You can leave in a little bit longer with generous amount of 
conditioner to be used as a intensive hair treatment.
Massage well and we are good to go!
 STEP 4: DRYING After towel dry your hair,  dry it with hair dryer.
At this step, I can feel my hair SUPER SOFT and SILKY!!!
STEP 5: LEAVE ON HAIR CAREOrganic Argan SerumIt helps to Repair, Moisturize and provide natural shine on your hair.
Suitable for dry and damaged hair.
Ingrediants include: Organic Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Olive Oil.
Texture: After applying it on my hair, it doesn't makes your hair sticky or oily!
End the routine with Massage Comb!
This Massage Comb from Melix helps to increase your scalp blood circulation
The design is made to anti-static and prevent hair knotting.
Can you see my healthy hair look? =D
Just as if I just did an expensive treatment.
Do you know a good hair makes a good day? =D
A healthy thick hair definitely makes you look younger and healthier.
So prevent is always better than cure, protect your scalp and hair before you loses them.
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