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[BEAUTY] Review: Melix Body Spa & Body Lotion     Due to the tropical weather in our country, we often experience dryness on our skin when we stay under the hot sun or when we stay indoors under strong air conditioning. When our skin turns dry, flaky and lackluster, it is already too late to repair the skin. So, let's start taking care of our skin with Melix body care because prevention is better than cure.      It's time for DIY Home Spa with Melix Body Care! ❤    Melix body care series (body spa (body wash) and body lotion) do not contain any harsh chemicals which may irritate the skin such as paraben, alcohol and SLS/SLES.  Hence, it is suitable for those with:     ❤ Dry, flaky skin ❤ Dull skin ❤ Peeling skin ❤ Sensitive skin  ❤ Acne-prone skin         Melix Body Spa British Blossom (450ml) (玫瑰亮肌沐浴露)  English Lavender (450ml) (薰衣草美肌沐浴露)   How to use: Squeeze one full pump onto the palm / sponge, and apply over the skin. Then rinse off thoroughly.   Melix body spa is a type of mild shower gel that contains no alcohol, silicone, paraben or sulphate, hence it is suitable even for the most sensitive skin. I personally like how skin-friendly the product is.   Packaging wise, both pump bottles are translucent pink in color — so sweet-looking and girly, plus it is easy to see the amount of content left in the bottle.      Formulated in France, Melix British Blossom Body Spa has a rich content of organic rose water which helps to minimise pore appearance, maintain skin suppleness and radiance, while locking moisture into the skin.   It contains the antioxidant-rich West Indian cherry extract which has anti-aging benefits, as well as apple stem cell extract for stimulating the collagen production of the skin.    Texture: ❤ The gel texture is not overly thick, and just perfect to form bubbles well for the whole body. ❤ Using 1-2 pumps will be sufficient for each time of shower.    Scent:  ❤ It exudes sweet rosy scent that brings a sense of romance and happiness.   What I Like: ❤ It nourishes the skin well and it feels good to smell like a sweet rose after showering! ❤ Suitable for those who always stay in air-conditioned room or those who sleep late at night.       However, my favourite goes to Melix English Lavender Body Spa which is famous for its soothing and repairing benefits especially for sensitive skin. Its rich content of hyaluronic acid instantly feeds the skin with water, while the lavender scent gives a relaxing sensation to the soul.    Texture: ❤ Similar to Melix British Blossom Body Spa, the gel texture lathers well and one full pump is sufficient to relax myself from head to toe,     Scent:  ❤ The lavender scent is soul-comforting and mind-soothing; perfect for night use especially after a long day of working!   What I Like: ❤ Having a hot shower with Melix English Lavender Body Spa feels like a destressing therapy because of its beautiful relaxing lavender scent. ❤ Suitable for those who are constantly exposed to sunlight, or those with acne-prone or sensitive skin.               Melix Hydra Moist Body Lotion with Shea and Moringa (235ml)    Of course, after showering, it is important to seal more moisture into the skin. Melix body lotion is ideal to hydrate the skin as well as to lock moisture into the skin while it calms sensitive skin, and provides anti-aging benefits such as brightening the complexion, reducing the appearance of fine lines and pigmentation.   It is also free from any harmful ingredients, so don't worry about any side effects such as skin itching upon application as it is suitable for all skin types.   Some of the key ingredients in the body lotion include: ❤ Olive fruit oil and olive leaf extract: To hydrate the skin and prevent moisture loss ❤ Shea butter: To condition, soothe and tone the skin ❤ Moringa pterygosperma seed extract: To cleanse the skin deeply and soothe the irritated skin ❤ Rumex Occidentalis extract: To improve skin radiance and reduce pigmentation formation     Texture: ❤ The milky lotion is very lightweight and absorbed quickly into the skin. ❤ Within minutes upon application, my skin feels nourished and moisturised without any stickiness or discomfort.    Scent: ❤ Sweet and rosy, I find that the scent is very feminine and luxurious. ❤ Definitely every girl's favourite scent to go for.      What I Like:  ❤ Its ultra-moisturising benefit keeps my skin pampered all day long and improves my dry skin condition without feeling uncomfortable at all.      — by ohfishiee 【 http://bit.ly/3pz9BxA 】   Melix Body Spa and Body Lotion PROMO SET : https://bit.ly/3ufyWzY  Contact Customer Service for more details: https://bit.ly/3dNjqma   For more information, please visit: Facebook: https://bit.ly/2D6ny3W Instagram: https://bit.ly/2YFFPwr
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【C'est La Jez】快速有效保養法(男女適用)1瓶Melix 72 小時水潤煥膚乳讓肌膚長效保濕

  像我這種沙漠肌,少用一點保養品, 肌膚就好像渴了幾天那種狀態, 緊繃、脫皮、暗淡無光…不舒服~ 如果膚況不好,化妝就麻煩了, 完全不貼妝,肌膚也沒光澤 >< 所以在化妝前,必須用柔膚水、前導液、 精華液、臉霜、眼霜、防曬等 (有必要還多加臉部精華油) 反正就是塗好塗滿, 確保肌膚足夠水潤,妝感才會良好持久。   如果趕時間就很狼狽了… 還好!現在科技進步又發達, 研發出很多超厲害的保養品, 其中 Melix 72 小時水潤煥膚乳 72 hours Intensive Hydrating Moisturizer 就必須推薦! 結合柔膚水、精華液和乳液 於1瓶! 超適合忙碌、不喜歡繁雜保養程序的人, 除了 高效保濕 很有感,還可 · 強化肌膚天然屏障 · 抗老化 · 抗UV · 祛除皺紋 · 提亮膚色 也可舒緩鎮靜、消除泛紅, 敏感肌也適合! 因為 Melix 72 小時水潤煥膚乳 溫和不刺激,經Dermatology Tested ✓ 絕不含以下成份: 🚫硫酸鹽 🚫重金屬 🚫色素 🚫激素 🚫苯甲酸酯類 Melix 72 小時水潤煥膚乳 含有 向日葵籽、黑醋栗籽、倒地鈴、法國雛菊花、 白茅根、菇類萃取、韓國石榴、有機玫瑰花 等天然植物萃取成分, 最厲害的是創新專利技術「DuraQuench™️」 是一種『智能水合作用』高效保濕法, 讓肌膚表層達至最優異的保濕效果!   除了成份安全、功效卓越, 創新專利技術和各種認證也讓人用的安心, 最重要的還是自己的使用感受。   集合 Toner, Essence, Moisturizer 於1瓶, 方便快速又有效,確實棒棒噠, 再來,乳液質地比較水感,清爽舒適! 吸收也挺快的,不會厚重。 反正就是省時、省力、省空間, 最重要是常保我的肌膚水水嫩嫩的! 不會像以前那樣干燥脫皮 妝感也變得較持久服帖,喜歡 ❤ 推薦給想要肌膚水嫩嫩的你們呀   詢問Melix:https://bit.ly/3dNjqma 光顧Melix:https://bit.ly/2Zq4uoE


    冠病疫情的冲击对许多实体店造成了非常大的影响,为了维持生意,转而发展线上服务已经成为一种趋势。而在众多的产业中,部分产业是较难在线上发展的,美发业是其中一个例子。   说到洗发精,大家一贯都会到超市购买,即使上网购买也只会购入自己常用的品牌,美发业想要在网上开拓新的消费者是相对困难的。大马第一家线上头皮护理品牌——Melix开拓了线上的市场,消费者无需冒着生命危险到实体店面,透过线上就能获得专业头皮分析及订购产品。     Melix的专业研发团队花了2年的时间,于2016年正式成立该公司,迄今营了5年。其创办人秉持着“拥有健康的头皮,才能拥有健康的头发”的理念,在短短5年内,帮助超过100,000顾客解决了头皮问题,且产品回购率高达了97.83%。在2020年,Melix还荣获了Readers' Choice Awards中的“最佳天然洗发精”以及“最佳头皮滋养液”的奖项。   该公司旗下的护发产品也包括了洗发精、护发素、头皮滋养液、护发精油、抗屑喷雾等,其中以洗发精和头皮滋养液(Hair Tonic)最为热销。而公司也依据不同的头皮问题,去设计了不同系列的产品,例如:滋养干涩发的春沐系列、平衡头皮油脂的夏雨系列和修复染烫受损的秋枫系列。       近几年可以看到各大洗发精品牌接踵推出天然植萃洗发精,Melix早在创办初期就以天然温和为主打,打造连孕妇和小孩都能使用的产品。它采用了欧美进口的植物萃取、法国独有的配方,在本地经过ISO和GMP认证的工厂进行生产。Melix的产品还获取了SGS认证,证实产品完全不添加硅油、重金属、矿物油等有害成分。因其安全且不刺激的成分,孕妇们使用后,都给出正面的反馈及评价。     “买东西最害怕的,就是买到不适合自己的。”   Melix创办人担心客人使用不适合自身的护发产品,并由此产生不良反应,所以在购买产品前,都会为客人免费分析头皮,并以此成为大马第一家线上头皮护理。他们会向客人索取头皮和头发的相关资讯,比如头皮出油程度、头皮屑的类型、发质的种类,去为客人做深度的头皮分析,再根据客人的情况,搭配相应的护发产品。     广受各大媒体平台推荐      Melix的产品也因其出色的效果以及天然的配方,在各大媒体平台受到推荐。由于有部分顾客会将产品代购到台湾,进而引起了当地著名综艺节目《女人我最大》的注意和推荐。Tony老师在该节目上倾情介绍并示范产品的使用过程,且效果让节目的嘉宾惊艳,更是让其在台湾大受欢迎,收获了一众好评和忠实粉丝。       不仅如此,就连常常推荐女生好物的Girlstyle、Goody25等著名部落格,也相继推荐过它的产品,并给出了超高的评价:“用了Melix后,就像广告模特一样拥有靓丽的秀发!”。还有许多艺人、YouTuber,都不吝对该品牌给予好评,并在公众平台上表达了对该产品的喜爱,其中就包括了童冰玉、Jeff & Inthira、韩晓嗳等等。          而近年来,以护发产品为主打的Melix也推出了身体护肤系列以及脸部护肤系列,所有产品皆由天然植萃研制而成。其温和的成分以及出色效果也在各界受到广泛的肯定。     有兴趣可到官网查询更多产品信息: https://bit.ly/2ZkiYGG       原文取自星洲网: https://bit.ly/2NyLeCZ

【Melix身体护肤组】让Baby Jen连烦恼都一起洗掉❤️大赞:肤色都亮了 ✨!

生活压力大❓ 我的减压方式就是每晚给自己来个舒服的热水澡,再搭配有减压功效的沐浴露,把所有的烦恼都通通洗掉‼️ 最近我彻底爱上了 @melix_malaysia 身体护肤系列 ❤️   他们家的 #薰衣草美肌沐浴露 主打精油疗法,味道不但清淡优雅高级,而且大家也知道薰衣草具有舒缓精神的功效~不仅如此,最近用了这款沐浴露后,背部的疤痕、痘痘都减少了,肤色也提亮了不少!效果真的太厉害了😍   洗完澡后,再涂 #水肌亮白润肤乳 不但能加倍滋润肌肤、提亮整体肤色,还可以保持一整晚都香喷喷的,特别助眠👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻   无论日子再过得苦再难,好好给自己充分地放松休息一晚,明天再养精蓄锐地去冲刺吧 🙆🏻‍♀️🙆🏻‍♀️🙆🏻‍♀️   好东西一定要跟你们分享!https://bit.ly/36UCcqK 想要了解更多产品资讯可以找 https://bit.ly/3dNjqma   原文取自Baby Jen IG贴文: https://bit.ly/3tEqOsw   #ilovemelix #melixdiary #bodycare #沐浴露 #身体乳 #babyjen #babyjenxbeauty #influencer #melixmalaysia #stayhome #stayathome #stayhealthy #beautycare #bodycare #influencermarketing #influencerswanted #kol #vloggerlife #vlogs #beautyjunkie #beautyinfluencer #保养 #日常生活 #日常写真