genuinely love the greenish tone hehe 
I’ve been starting to increase a few more steps in my hair care and I’ve found my new favorites which are the Anti Dandruff Spray and Apple Stem Cell Tonic from @melix_malaysia 🌈
I did experience with itchy scalp and hair-loss for a while, which made me scratched it frequently and the condition went worse. After trying out products from different brands, I gave @melix_malaysia a try.

I was amazed by the results of the Anti Dandruff Spray and Apple Stem Cell Tonic😮.
The Anti Dandruff Spray gets me out of dandruff and itchy scalp effectively, it stops me from scratching my scalp and the dandruff is gone!
While the Apple Stem Cell Tonic stops letting my hair to be left on my combs or on the floor but keeps it staying on my scalp!
Both of the products contain natural plant extracts which helps you to get rid of dandruff and stimulate hair-growth effortlessly.
If you are facing such issues as I did, I would highly recommend you to include @melix_malaysia ‘s products in your hair care routine😍!
Taken from Wong Zi En FB post:
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