Have been using and sharing  Melix Malaysia with you guys for two years 😄
I do really love the texture of the products and really happy with the results I got. 
My hair becomes smoother, shinier and healthier after using Melix 💗
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I love Melix because of the natural concept.

The products using natural plant extracts and free from some harmful ingredients such as paraben, heavy metal and hormones. 💏

Shampoo have to cleanse up twice, first time is washing off the dust and sebum on scalp;

second time is deep cleanse our scalp and provide nutritions to scalp



A very special thing that I wanna share is that Melix conditioner can apply directly to scalp, nourish and hydrate our scalp. So special right?!

After using Melix for so long time, I can really tell that it is so helpful on promote hair grow, reduce hair loss and both of my hair and scalp becomes so healthy now 🙂


I am really in love with Melix and this is the reason that I am more than happy to share this product with you guys 

Contact their scalp specialist before you purchase to ensure you got the right series ya~  m.me/melixmalaysia
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